Coronavirus Cogitations {Lois Ormsby}

Print PostWatching everything transpire before my eyes is interesting to say the least. How unusual that truly the entire world is going through the same thing in some capacity.  My thoughts about it all are many – but I am trying to be like Mary, who “…kept all  these things, and pondered them in her […]

Dear Widows, {Lois Ormsby}

Print PostDear Widows, You’ve been on my heart lately.  I guess with my dad’s recent death, I’ve thought about you more than ever before.  I’ve been thinking about how it is for my mom right now…and what so many of you might be feeling, too. Years ago on your wedding day, you never thought about […]

Pork Masala Curry Recipe

Print Post  An Indian pork curry dish, created by a native South Indian!

When You Just Can’t {India Werner}

Print PostDear Christian Friend, saved by the grace of God,               When you just can’t, remember that God can.               It is true that we are sanctified people who still sin and mess up…yet I sometimes wonder…               How often do we draw attention to our flaws rather than glorify the God Who can use […]

The Best Chocolate Cake {India Werner}

Print Post              When birthdays roll around at our house, I get a lot of requests for chocolate cake.  And when I’m in doubt, I usually just make chocolate cake.  Not everyone likes chocolate, but most people do!  Chocolate cake is usually a safe choice.                Chocolate cake is easy, especially when you use the most […]

Everyday Glimpses: Missions Month {Lois Ormsby}

Print PostThis year my pastor did something new for our church: we had an entire month of Missions Emphasis! September had 5 Sundays and 4 Wednesdays, and he utilized every church service to emphasize the great need for reaching souls for Christ. In every way it encouraged my heart and exhorted my walk with Christ […]

Make a Joyful Noise {Lois Ormsby}

Print PostThe American holiday season sometimes feels like it zooms right by us, and before we know it we are caught up in whatever it is that we get caught up in. In studying Psalm 100, the LORD gave me this thought-provoking question: “What kind of noise is your life making?” “Make a joyful noise […]

Flying with Little People – Part 3 {India Werner}

Print Post              Here is a more organized list of things that I bring along when we fly.  This doesn’t include my personal belongings but focuses more on what helps me with the kids.  If anyone is interested in what I put in my own carryon, leave me a comment and I’ll think about a blog […]

Flying with Little People – Part Two {India Werner}

Print Post              The phrase “less is more” might be overused, but it is really applicable in regard to travel!  I used to be the mom who packed every possible baby/kid item in my carry-ons.  I wanted to be prepared for anything.  While my forethought may have been commendable, it left me with a lot of […]

Flying with Little People, Part One {India Werner}

Print Post              This past year I have had many people ask me what air travel is like with our kids.  Some people give me the look that says “you’re crazy” while telling me how brave I am.  Truth be known, I feel more on the crazy side than brave most of the time!  However, the […]