Everyday Glimpses {Lois Ormsby}

India and I thought it would be fun to share a weekly glimpse of our everyday lives with you.  Some weeks we might chart out a day’s schedule, some special event we were blessed to partake in, or simply some fun pictures of life as wives and mothers.


Wednesday is one of my consistently busy weekdays.  After I’ve spent time with LORD and had my morning tea, I like to look at my planner and think through what needs done that day as well as the next couple of days.  In the mornings I try to do quieter, less physically-involved things like writing notes to people, working on my Thirty-One business, or organizing something in my house.  I do my best to get Malachi down for an earlier-than-usual nap that day, thanks to a very scheduled afternoon and evening!  I also make sure I have a meal ready and packed for us to eat at church later that night.  (Disclaimer: there are weeks where the meal part doesn’t happen because I’m more exhausted than usual – insert Chick-Fil-A or Culver’s 🙂 ).


My husband, Josh, comes home from work, and then about an hour later we head to church, where I do three different piano lessons.  While I’m teaching, Josh carts Malachi around as he does odd jobs around the church.  He either straps Malachi to himself with a Tula carrier, or lets him ride around in his “carriage”, aka wagon!  After this, I usually have about 20 minutes to scarf down supper, and then I go right to quartet practice…I’m (soprano) privileged to sing with my Sunday school teacher (bass), his wife (alto), and our church music director (tenor)!  After we are finished practicing, there are usually just about 10-15 minutes left until the church service starts.  At our church we are blessed to have three regular pianists.  Usually the man who plays for our quartet plays for the Wednesday service, so I have Wednesday night church “off” from playing.  Some Wednesdays I also go over to the church kids’ club to assist with something musically – when that happens, that falls between eating and quartet practice 🙂  After church I often have someone to practice music with as he/she prepares for an upcoming special music song.

Today (Jan 24th) we did not have quartet practice due to two members being ill, so I had a little more time to eat supper!  I also added in an early morning grocery run to my day.  We have two potlucks later this week and I wanted to make sure I was ready for them…not to mention we were about out of food in the house, too!  Sorry, though, I forgot to get a picture of Malachi’s cute self at the grocery store – one of those carts that looks like a car was available, and he LOVES “driving” those as I shop.  He also loves to say hi to whoever we pass throughout the store!

This day of my week is about to get crazier, with a newborn being added in a couple months.  Lord willing I’ll be nursing Joash just like I did Malachi, so fitting in feedings around a schedule like this is pretty daunting, to say the least.  I do plan to take 6-8 weeks off of teaching piano after Joash is born, so don’t worry: I am not completely crazy!  But, once piano lessons resume, hopefully Joash will like being wrapped in the Baby K’Tan as much as Malachi did at that age!

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  1. Wow! That sounds busy, but fun! I know how exhausting all that must be sometimes, but I just love the example you and Josh are setting for your boys about service to the King! ❤️

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