January Cleaning Experiment {Lois Ormsby}

Not long after New Year’s I read a blogpost geared towards young wives and keeping the house (while also keeping your sanity!).  One thing the author mentioned was housecleaning and how easily it can get away from us.  She suggested making it a point to clean one thing every single day, and by the end of a month your home will be 30-things’ cleaner!  (This did not include chores that should be done daily like the dishes or making the bed.)


This idea really clicked for me, because I struggle to keep the house as clean as I would like.  Trying to do it all in one day is never a good idea for me because then the next day I am overly exhausted and sometimes in bed the whole day.  So, I had a cleaning experiment and I wanted to share my results with you!


There were definitely days where I didn’t check off the “clean something” on my to-do list, and I chose to not write “clean something” in for my Sundays.  Here is my list of what is truly clean and/or organized right now:


  1. Our coffee corner in the kitchen

  2. Snack storage shelf

  3. Kitchen sink

  4. My desk

  5. Malachi’s tub mat

  6. Shower window ledge

  7. Living room side table’s catch-all bin

  8. Medicine storage

  9. Candle storage

  10. Hot water kettle’s interior

  11. Bathroom sink

  12. Josh’s electric toothbrush

  13. Washing machine interior

  14. Tub

  15. Freezer interior

  16. Family game storage

  17. My Thirty-One business supplies/products


My list above does not even include the work my husband has been helping me with in preparing Malachi’s room for baby brother’s arrival!  This new habit is something I’ve come to like – I’ve found my house in better order the entire month, and I haven’t felt stressed about the housework.  That being said…this doesn’t mean my house is in perfect order 24/7.  Real life means living in the space God has given you, and real life tends to be messy – but real life also makes for some wonderful, precious memories!

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