Confessions of a Toddler Mom – Part 2 {India Werner}

Just one moment of peace…please!  I have thought this to myself on many occasions.

Being a mother means being on-duty or on-call 24/7.  Sometimes it feels like I just can’t win!  On the days when I intentionally wake up earlier than normal, one of my kids will decide to do the same and my hopes for extra quiet time are washed down the drain.  Things like that can be frustrating.  I often feel like I have at least one child in my space (or nonexistent space – ha!) all day long.

It is during these moments that I have begun to remind myself of a simple truth: they won’t be little forever.

That little girl who wants me to hang out in her room and play right now…one day she will be heading off to more exciting events with her friends.

That little boy who rarely wants to leave my side right now…one day he will be showing me his brand-new driver’s license with a proud grin on his face.

That little girl who wants to tell me every detail of her day…one day she will be more interested in sharing those stories with a special young man.

When I reflect on this, I realize how much I need to enjoy every second…enjoy the moments when Thaddeus is literally climbing on my head and laughing hysterically about it, enjoy the moments when Paisley tells me she loves me out of the blue, and enjoy the moments when Sakshi says she can’t wait to be a mom like me.

I am their world.  When they wake up, they want to be with me and they don’t want to go to sleep at night without kissing my cheek.

But I realize that things will change.

One day, the cares and busy-ness of life will become their burden to bear as well.  They will make more friends, they will go off to college, they will get married.  They will have lives of their own.

That’s why I’m going to enjoy today.  My prayer is that God will allow me to maintain a loving and close relationship with my children throughout this life.  Even though things will be different once they are grown, I hope that they can look back on their childhood with rich memories.

When I embrace these moments of toddlerhood with joy, I learn to love and appreciate life so much more.  Being a mom is a lot of work, but it is a privilege as well.  Rather than getting caught up in the tumult of potty-training, temper tantrums, and cheerios, focus on the beauty of motherhood.

“Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.” -Dr. John Trainer