For the Love of Lists {Lois Ormsby}

I am a list nerd.  My planner is like a list of lists, each one keeping me on track with various things like grocery shopping, cleaning projects, or thank-you notes.  A couple weeks ago I was thinking how my lists probably drive some people crazy because I literally implement them for just about everything.  They provide me with clarity of mind and confidence in ability, for I know that as long as something is on my list, I won’t be likely to forget about it.

Then, it dawned on me – God has a lot of lists in the Bible!  What are some of the lists that He shared with us in His Word?

– The works of the flesh: Galatians 5:19-21

– The fruit of the Spirit: Galatians 5:22,23

– What the elder are supposed to teach the younger: Titus 2:1-8

– What comes after faith: 2 Peter 5:-7

– Chronologies (throughout the Old Testament and a couple in the New Testament)

– Every one of our body parts: Psalm 139:16

– Materials to be used in the tabernacle: throughout Leviticus

– The seven things the LORD hates: Proverbs 6:16-19

Maybe this short and sweet post can prompt you to make a list in your own life of something important.  Something like:

– people who need ministered to

– things to pray for

– dreams to save money for

– ways to bless other people

– Bible verses to memorize

– odd jobs that need done around your home church’s property

– income vs. outflow = a budget

The “list” could go on and on…no pun intended 🙂  If you decide to make some lists for yourself, remember to actually use those lists.  My sister can tell you that I’ve always been a list person, even when we were young girls.  However, there were many a list left uncompleted in my younger years.  As I’ve grown, I’ve learned to keep my lists at a manageable length, to keep them almost all in one place, to make myself check them regularly, and to force myself to actually abide by my lists.  Lists simplify my life – they might just simplify yours!

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