The Best Chocolate Cake {India Werner}

              When birthdays roll around at our house, I get a lot of requests for chocolate cake.  And when I’m in doubt, I usually just make chocolate cake.  Not everyone likes chocolate, but most people do!  Chocolate cake is usually a safe choice. 

              Chocolate cake is easy, especially when you use the most obvious recipe – the one on the back of your Hershey’s cocoa container!  Every time I make this recipe, people tell me how good it is and ask what recipe I used.  It’s simple enough.  The only thing I change is the vegetable oil.  I use butter instead because that’s just me.  I’m a butter-lover and a vegetable oil-hater.  True story.

Indian Hershey’s Recipe

              Anyways, the Hershey’s recipe has never failed me, and I’ve made it as both a layer cake and sheet cake.  The funniest thing, though…the Indian Hershey’s container also has a chocolate cake recipe, but it differs from the American container.  I have made both and they turn out beautifully either way.  I personally prefer the Indian recipe because it is simpler, and even eggless for anyone who may have an allergy.  I have added a picture of my Hershey’s container here for anyone interested in the recipe.  For the American Hershey’s recipe, follow this link:

              When I am making chocolate cake for people following a keto diet, THM lifestyle, or some such sugar-free way of eating, I make this recipe:

It is simply divine with this chocolate peanut butter cup frosting:

              I honestly enjoy the healthy chocolate cake more than the sugary kind.  It’s great as a dessert or for breakfast.  Seriously!  I just have to hide from my kids when I eat it.

              Baking and cooking for my family are some of my favorite things to do.  It has been fun to figure out what we like and don’t like, which recipes to keep and which to scrap, etc.  I love meal planning and having go-to recipes like these chocolate cakes are so helpful! 

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