Tips for Church Pianists Part 2 {Lois Ormsby}

Print PostAccompanying is something I’m passionate about. Solo performance is not my strong suit; it is important and something I constantly seek to improve in, but it is not my passion. Going on 18 years of being a church pianist in various forms, I’ve come to realize how essential being a good accompanist is. I […]

How Does She Do It? {Lois Ormsby}

Accomplishing much well is largely about perspective.

Baby Sophie Update {India Werner}

Print Post              Today we found out that we are having a baby next week!  Baby Sophie will be born on December 4th via C-section.  The doctors have reviewed all the risks to my health and decided that it would be best to deliver early (at 34 weeks).  It will be different than a usual section.  […]

Prayer and Praise – A Baby Update {India Werner}

Print Post  Psalm 34:1-4 says “ I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make her boast in the Lord: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad. O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together. I sought the Lord, […]

The Myth of “Just Let Me Know” {Lois Ormsby}

Print Post“Just let me know!” …we’ve all said it.  I have, too.  Yet, did you know there is a big but simple myth about it that too many of us believe?  A few years ago I came across a blogpost that talked about this very thing.  I wish I remembered who wrote it so I […]

27 Things I’ve Learned from 27 Years of Life {India Werner}

Print PostI recently celebrated my twenty-seventh birthday.  Each year I reflect on all that the Lord has taught me.  Sometimes I cringe when I think of the way I used to act in certain areas (LOL), but I know that I’ll probably do the same thing in a few years when I look back to […]

Everyday Glimpses {India Werner}

Print Post              I am thankful to say that my Kannada CD recording is behind me at last!  The Lord laid this project on my heart at the beginning of the year, and it was one of my project goals, in a sense.  There were many obstacles that came up between then and now, but the […]

Priorities and Seasons {India Werner}

Print Post              Seasons of life come and go.  Some of these seasons flow in and out of our lives as gently and naturally as spring, summer, fall, and winter.  We expect them; we know they’ll be coming.  If they are seasons that we enjoy, we savor each moment.  We do our best to get through […]

Road Rage {Lois Ormsby}

Print PostConfession: road rage is something I struggle with!  No, I don’t swear or use rude hand signals or anything like that.  What I do is verbally blow up at the person who cuts me off – yep, out loud, as if they could hear me.  I go on and on about how dangerous their […]

Accepting Help {Lois Ormsby}

Print PostBeing the recipient of a helping hand is not always easy – especially when you are the type of person who loves to be the helping hand for someone else.  I’ve had to accept help (of so many forms) more times in the past few years than I care to admit.  Through the repeated […]