Everyday Glimpses – Resurrection Sunday {India Werner}

         I hope that you all had a happy resurrection Sunday!  Ours was nice and simple.  It was a great day to remember the victorious triumph of Jesus Christ.  As Christians, we have much to praise the Lord for!  We are blessed to serve a risen Savior!  Today I thought I would take a moment to share an everyday glimpse into what Easter was like for us.


         I decided not to do Easter baskets or hunts this year.  I try to do some of those things for the kids when we are in the States, but it just isn’t always practical.  Plus, no one here really does that.  They sell chocolate eggs here and there and that’s about it.  Since Easter isn’t really about bunnies and eggs anyways, I feel okay about skipping those traditions in India.  ?


         Another thing I didn’t do this year was get a new Easter dress.  I had saved some pretty dresses that my mom got the girls a few months ago, so they wore those.  I wore a saree that I bought about a year ago, which just so happened to sort of match with the girls’ outfits.  It worked out perfectly!


         Now that I’ve talked about what we didn’t do, here is what we did do.  ?  We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  My memories of holidays from my childhood years always include special breakfasts, so that is something that I endeavor to do for my kids as well.  A special breakfast just takes a little forethought and it’s such an easy way to make your family feel loved.


         After breakfast, we scrambled to get everyone ready for church.  Our service here included some special Scripture readings, music, and a message.  After the service, we served refreshments during a brief time of fellowship.


         Zack and I decided not to have a huge Easter lunch and I was thankful for that.  I did all my prep on Saturday so that after church, all I had to do was put a chicken casserole in the oven to finish baking and take a salad out of the fridge.  We had a cheesecake for dessert, which I also made on Saturday.  I can’t tell you how much stress this removed from my day!  When we are with family, it’s not so hard to put together a big meal because there are many women involved in making it special.  However, when it’s just me cooking in India where everything must be made from scratch and all the dishes must be washed and dried by hand, I am extra grateful that my husband is easy to please when it comes to food.  He doesn’t expect or want anything extravagant and he’s not picky either.  I am blessed!


         We spent the rest of the day enjoying some extra family time and planning for the busy week ahead.  It was probably one of the simplest Easters we’ve ever had.  It was the first Easter that it was “just us” with no additional family or friends.  But sometimes simple is just good.


         The Scripture that was resounding in my mind throughout Sunday was Psalm 14:1a: “The fool hath said in his heart, “There is no God.”  How ironic that April Fool’s Day was on the same day as Resurrection Day this year!  I went about my day feeling thankful to know that there is a God and that He is alive forevermore.


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  1. Very happy for you and your family. We are all blessed in so many ways. Holidays are what we make of them most times large or small. Glad you had a great one.

    1. I remember many holidays that you made better for us in India. <3 Sweet, sweet memories of days gone by! Love you! - India

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