Book Review: “In Love” by Bud Calvert {India Werner}

              I recently read a book called “In Love”.  It was written by Dr. Bud Calvert, who was a pastor for thirty-five years and is still in ministry today.  If you are looking for a book about marriage that is not overly long but still full of meat, you might enjoy reading “In Love”.

              Some things in the book that spoke to me were about Biblical communication.  If we are all honest with ourselves, many of our problems in marriage begin with poor communication.  I like this quote in chapter one: “…biblical communication knits together the thoughts, desires, wills, and emotions of two individuals into one integrated whole.  Sound communication produces love in the home.”

              Through several chapters of the book, Dr. Calvert presents twenty-one principles for living the Christian life.  They are taken straight from the Bible.  The most profound thing about this is that these simple principles are not only for married couples; they are for every Christian.  A happy marriage thrives when two people are walking in the Spirit and living as they ought.

              Some of the other topics discussed are pursuing self-discipline, preferring your spouse above yourself, and even what to do when you feel out of love. 

              Even if you feel like your marriage is in a good place, it is helpful to read books like “In Love” on a regular basis.  There were so many reminders and points in the book that admonished me as I read.  It’s easy to get comfortable with where our marriage is at and just let certain things slide, but that is a dangerous place to be.  This book reminded me that I should be constantly looking for ways to be a better Christian, which will make me a better wife for my patient and loving husband.

              You can buy a copy of “In Love” on Amazon.  The hardcover and Kindle version are both available.

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  1. Thank you for the recommendation. I am always looking for a good book and even folks married for a lifetime can improve a good relationship. Love you and praying for you.

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