Where Faith Begins – the Story Behind the Song {India Werner}

This month marks ten years since I was hospitalized for the first time with severe Ulcerative Colitis.  It was also ten years ago that my song “Where Faith Begins” was born in my heart.  During that first month-long hospitalization, I struggled a lot. 

There was more going on than I could share in a short post, and part of the way I kept from completely losing my sanity (and my faith, at times) was to drag my IV around the hospital and go for walks.  Zack would help me maneuver it all over the place, no matter how many bags were hanging on it.

One day, we discovered that there was a piano in the hospital chapel.  I would use the little bit of energy I had to play some music.  During one of those visits to the piano, I began picking out the words and melody of “Where Faith Begins”.  (You can purchase the CD “Blessings” that has “Where Faith Begins” on it here.)

The lyrics of this song encapsulate much of what I was wrestling with during that time.  I was twenty years old and about six weeks away from my wedding day.  In a hospital with IVs, PICC lines, and my life hanging in the balance did not seem like the ideal place to be at that point.  However, God taught me so much during that time, and I will share that in the words of the song below.

Ten years later, I look back in utter amazement at the richness and fulness of the life God has given me! In January of 2012, I didn’t have a lot of dreams and plans.  I just wanted to live to marry Zack.  I had little vision for what was in store because I was in the midst of a dark storm.  If I could have seen a glimpse of my current life, I might have laughed in disbelief just as Sarah did in the Bible when she was told she would have a child in her old age!

I am telling you this today in case you need to hear it: God has a plan for your life.  You might be in the thick of the worst trial imaginable, but He will carry you.  Just trust Him.


Where Faith Begins

By India Werner, 2012


1) Rain started falling, My heart started breaking, My dreams started falling away.

Everything beautiful as I knew it was gone on the wings of yesterday.

I knew God was on my side, But I still asked Him why.

As everyone said “You’ll get through this fine,” My world was crashing inside.


Chorus) But that’s where faith begins, When you find you have no strength on your own.

That’s when the Lord can become more precious than you have ever known.

It’s in times like these that you must decide to run from God or draw close to His side.

That’s where faith begins.


2) Now in this valley when my heart is heavy and darkness is all I can see.

I try to remember everything beautiful the Lord has given to me.

I know God is on my side and He always knows why.

He places these trials in our lives to see our faith inside.


Excerpt from “Faith is the Victory”) Faith is the victory, Faith is the victory.

Oh, glorious victory that overcomes the world.


That’s where faith begins.

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  1. Thank you, India for sharing. Somedays it is hard to keep our focus but his promises draw away our doubts and fears. Praise God for his faithfulness ?

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