A Gracious Woman Every Day {Lois Ormsby – Gracious Woman Series}

We’ve heard from many ladies with many angles on being a gracious woman. It has been spiritually edifying for me to work on these posts as well as read the other ladies’ words. As we close out this series, I wanted to highlight examples of how we can be gracious women in our everyday lives:

  • letting someone cut you in line without glaring at them
  • keeping someone’s news to yourself, instead letting them share it
  • cutting heated retorts out of your vocabulary
  • excusing yourself from a conversation that isn’t a Philippians 4:8 conversation
  • resisting the desire to complain about a grumpy employee, leave a bad review, etc
  • refraining from sharing things about people that negatively affect your listener’s view of them
  • letting that forgetful person tell you the same story a dozen times over
  • finding good things to say about someone no one particularly likes
  • keeping our mouth shut when someone says something with a sting to it to us
  • making right any wrongs on our part, rather than pretending like those wrongs didn’t happen
  • saying yes to helping someone when it is inconvenient for us

What examples have you thought of – or lived through – as we’ve done this Gracious Woman series? We would love to hear your insight. Cultivating a gracious Christian walk is something we cannot do without each other!

“And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works.”

Hebrew 10:24

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