Baby Sophie Update {India Werner}

              Today we found out that we are having a baby next week!  Baby Sophie will be born on December 4th via C-section.  The doctors have reviewed all the risks to my health and decided that it would be best to deliver early (at 34 weeks). 

It will be different than a usual section.  The surgery will happen across the street at a different hospital where they have the emergency equipment on standby.  I’ll be given general anesthesia and there will be a trauma team, colorectal surgeons, and a host of other specialists in the OR.  The main high-risk doctor who is handling my care explained to us that he hopes it is all precautionary, but he and the other OBs anticipate the placenta being difficult to remove. 

We are praying that the placenta comes out with no problem and no further surgery!  If it does not, however, they will likely need to give me some units of blood, close me up, and then do another surgery about two or three weeks after delivery.  We know our God is powerful and we trust that whatever happens is His plan.  I want everything to go smoothly and flawlessly, but I know that He will use this situation in our lives come what may.

Specifically pray that:

  • Baby Sophie will be healthy and thrive
  • I will have minimal bleeding and complications during the surgery
  • Zack and the kids will remain healthy through this time

In the meantime, I am on hospital bed rest.  This was a little disappointing for us since we were hoping I could come home until delivery.  It would be so much easier with the kids and you know, it’s just nice to be at home enjoying the holiday season.  However, we want to do what is best for Sophie and I and we recognize the doctor’s concern in keeping me hospitalized. 

If anyone wants to visit, that is still fine.  Just call or message Zack and I beforehand.  I do enjoy the company!  Please remember to be conscious of if you may be sick or around someone who has been sick.  It is important for us to stay healthy throughout this time. 

We are excited to meet our new little girl and appreciate you sharing this journey with us through prayer. 

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6 thoughts on “Baby Sophie Update {India Werner}

  1. We are praying all goes well for you and Sophie during the delivery process. God has brought you through so much, I know He will bring you through this, too. We love you and your family. {{{{HUGS}}}}

  2. Thank you so very much for the update.
    Continuing to pray for you and Sophie (love that name!)
    Praying for Zack and the kiddos as well.
    Love you all so very much ❤❤

  3. Our church family is praying for you all. Thanks for sharing your heart, and your determined trust in our Father’s care. Love you! – Joanna Harvey

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