Everyday Glimpses: Missions Month {Lois Ormsby}

This year my pastor did something new for our church: we had an entire month of Missions Emphasis! September had 5 Sundays and 4 Wednesdays, and he utilized every church service to emphasize the great need for reaching souls for Christ. In every way it encouraged my heart and exhorted my walk with Christ – may I ever be mindful of eternity!

One way that I celebrated Missions Month was by wearing Indian clothes every Sunday! This was fun since India is such a dear part of my heart. I enjoy all the colors and styles Indian fashion has to offer, too.

Sunday #1

The first Sunday I wore a skirt that was actually purchased in America, but from an Indian store! This skirt was made from two sarees, a saree being the go-to traditional dress of Indian women. As you can see my little boys joined me in wearing Indian garb for this Sunday! Their shirts are called kurtas.

The second Sunday I wore a churidar that my sister and mom picked out for me several years ago. Purple is my favorite color, and I absolutely love the contrast of the two main colors of this outfit! Indian ladies’ wear is known for stark contrasts of bright colors.

Sunday #3 was extra special because we had an International Banquet at church – and, yes, I made Indian food 🙂 I made pork curry and also made some British food, Shepherd’s Pie! I chose this week to wear a saree. A funny side note: we have three ladies of Indian descent in our church. I told them all that I was wearing a saree and that they should all wear sarees with me – not one of them did! 😀

For the fourth Sunday I wore another skirt that was purchased in America but was made in India. The skirt’s design is very much like that of a ghagra choli, an outfit that consists of a top, skirt, and shawl. I forewent a shawl for this but completed the outfit with Indian jewelry.

Sunday #2



Sunday #3
Sunday #4
Sunday #5










The final Sunday I wore another churidar, the hem of which is called “fishtail” style in India. My sister and I purchased identical churidars once and this is mine! The green reminds me so much of life in India…there is never a dull moment over there!

Even though I do not live in India anymore, I’m glad that I kept so many of my Indian outfits! They are perfect for special occasions or themed events like Missions Month. Usually I dress in American clothes…but I’m always ready to theme my outfits accordingly when I can!

Pork curry!

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  1. Thank you Lois for explaining all your different outfits for Missions Month. That was so good to see what you would wear next. It was great, thank you!

  2. I love all of your Indian outfits! Oh! I’m thinking we ladies should all wear different native clothing from countries of our family origin during Missions month! That would be fun!

  3. Lois, You look so beautiful and I love all your India dresses. The boys are so big, praying you and your family are doing well. Much love and hugs.


  4. Lois,
    You brought back so many memories. I had 9 sarees but you know how well I put them on. I made a skirt from one and kept one but gave the rest to a girls from Open door who was going to India last year and was required to wear them. I do still have my ghagra choli your parents gave me one year while I was in India. This I wore to my granddaughters wedding 6 years ago and a very nice churidar that Reshma and Lena gave to me. Some day I hope to wear one of them in India again. Love your posts.

  5. Can we get the pork curry recipe from you as well? ?. Your beautiful and the outfits match you so well. I think the green is my favorite.

  6. You’re beautiful and your outfits just added to that. Can you share your pork curry recipe as well?

  7. Thank you Lois for sharing your dress for your Missions Conference. Glad you kept the Indian clothes. Love the purple outfit. You are so Precious and have a wonderful family. Love you..

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