Friday Favorites {India Werner}

My family just got back to India.  We are under a state-required quarantine, so we are being careful not to go in public places and do our best to follow the rules.  However, it has been a bit of a challenge with four little kids who grew accustomed to playing outside for hours every day during the past year in the States.  Here we live on the outskirts of the city, so we have a very small front “yard” covered in concrete pavers…not much of a place to run and get energy out.  Yesterday we decided to take the kids out to a piece of family property for a hike.  It was extremely hot and humid, but everyone seemed to enjoy getting out anyways.  At 9:30am, it was already around 90 degrees!  The amount of sweating we all did surely counts as some sort of skin detox, right? 😛

I really love hiking.  I’ve never had the opportunity to do any sort of hardcore hiking, but what I’ve done, I’ve enjoyed.  Over the past few years as our kids have gotten a bit older and I figured out what baby carrier I like best, we’ve done more hikes and long walks.  Good shoes are an essential for such activity, and I was so glad when I found a pair of sandals that does the job for me.  Now, no company is paying me to say this (though I kind of wish they were! ha!), but I LOVE my BareTraps Samina Gladiator Sandals.  They work really well for my feet, and my first pair lasted me over three years.  I wore them a LOT.  In fact, I could have worn them longer, because they weren’t exactly falling apart, but they were pretty worn from use and weren’t providing the best support any more.

My shoe size is 7, but I have trouble finding shoes.  My feet are wide, but usually not wide enough for a 7W.  This makes finding comfortable sandals a trick…especially if I don’t want the hideous-looking kind. I was nervous at first when I bought the BareTraps, because it did take me a little while to break them in.  At first they felt a bit constricting and I thought I was going to get blisters.  Soon I was happy with them, though, and I was glad to buy another pair this year!

I bought two pairs this time actually, in two different colors.  If you get them at Famous Footwear when they’re having a sale, you might score big time like me and get them for half the price!  They were actually more expensive on Amazon.

So there you have it…two of my favorite things (hiking and my sandals! :D)!

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