The Myth of “Just Let Me Know” {Lois Ormsby}

“Just let me know!”

…we’ve all said it.  I have, too.  Yet, did you know there is a big but simple myth about it that too many of us believe?  A few years ago I came across a blogpost that talked about this very thing.  I wish I remembered who wrote it so I could give the author proper credit – but, suffice it to say that this is something God taught me through that blogpost.

Life happens; illness comes along, hurricanes take place, marital problems arise, deaths occur…we all face difficult days at some point.  Imagine with me that you’re in one of those difficult days right now.  Then, think of how many people will probably say to you, “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that…if there’s anything I can do, just let me know.”

They mean well, right?  And, most of them truly mean what they said.  They would give the shirt off their back for you.  But most of them (us) say this without considering how it only adds to the burden of the distressed.  By saying “just let me know”, we leave the ball in the court of the hurting.

I’ve learned to shift my mentality and resist saying “just let me know” almost entirely.  Instead, when I learn of a situation where someone is hurting or perhaps in need, I begin praying immediately for that person.  I also ask God to show me very specifically what I can do to help them in their time of need.  Then, to the best of my means, I reach out and offer whatever He lays on my heart.

You see, most people are never going to “let you know”.  In times of trouble the needs are endless, and they feel like they’ve already been a burden to too many people.  (There are those exceptions of people who take advantage of their perilous trials…but we aren’t talking about them today.)

Do you know how much it warms the heart when someone figures out a way, completely on their own, to minister to you?  It speaks of their sensitivity to the Spirit’s leading, and provides the breath of fresh air you need to push through whatever trial you are in that day.

Perhaps it’s time for you to begin your own mentality-shift.  Maintaining a mentality of ministry is very healthy, yea, essential, for spiritual well-being.  Remember that ministering is all about the recipient and nothing about you – you are simply providing yourself as a vessel through which God can touch their hurting heart.

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  1. Wonderful way to look at this situation. By God’s grace I will begin shifting my mind set to pray more specific agenda help lighten the burdens of others!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Love Mrs. Dawson.

  2. Thank you. I say this to others and yet I am the one who never wants to bother anyone so I never tell anyone! When people say this to me I truly appreciate their offer but would never take it up because I dont want to be a burden to them. Sometimes we do things because that is what we are used to seeing. I need to make a change. I love the practicality of this. As well as the opportunity it presents in my relationship with the Lord and with others.

  3. Neat to have a daughter encourage her mother. This is related to one of my topics at FALL FRIENDSY next weekend. Actually both talks. Parenting grown children and encouraging others. You got one down pat and there is no rush on the other one. ?

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